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9pm Free! Jeanie Johnston Pub (JP) We're playing with an alternative lineup again! Due to our recent displacement from EMF, we had to get creative. We'll be doing a combo with Sound Down Cellar, some of their songs some of ours and featuring a new trumpet player (also named Zack!). The bill is wicked, Kirk Windsor, Mnemonist and the otherworldly Jarva Land all folks from the EMF Building.
All Day Free! Boston Arts Festival We're playing an outdoor festival in Columbus Park near the Aquarium later this summer! The festival goes for two days and we're playing on Saturday in the afternoon and entry is free (though I highly recommend you donate or buy a T-shirt to support the organizers!)
Zack Facco's Blog

All of these were done in a little blue gridded vellum notebook I carry around. Most were done while working at a music venue (I rarely draw at home). I like Clearprint paper a lot. It’s not perfect, but it’s fun to work with using pen or pencil and there’s something cool about drawing on […]


This exercise is a little different than the the ones in the last set I uploaded and I’ve found it especially useful. Each track plays a cadence (in C Major) and then a robotic voice says the name of an interval. You have a few seconds to guess the note before the answer plays. If […]


The Carbon Copy is a kick ass analog delay. But one thing that always bugged me about it is that it came with a Mod button to add pitch shifting to the repeats, yet even with the internal trims cranked it did basically nothing. What a waste. I wasn’t alone in this opinion and a […]


I’m a big fan of the contextual hearing method of ear training. It’s basically the tradition method of ear training. The idea is to hear notes in the context of a key. This is opposed to the more modern method which involves learning intervals out of context often using mnemonics to help remember the sounds […]


UPDATE: I made a page that I’ll keep up to date with the latest version as I fix any thing that pops up and/or improve it. 0.001 turned out to be pretty broken! New 18i8 Linux Mixer Page Here it is in all it’s pea soup colored glory. Let’s call this version 0.001. It’s barely […]

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