-<(#] Welcome [#)>-
This is the first ever issue of The Facc-Tones official newsletter. I, Zack Facco aka Josh Sarro am curating the content and I've included folks from the long defunct "Coolest of the Cool Club" mailing list. If anybody doesn't want to be transferred to this new list, just let me know. Otherwise, welcome and thank you for staying with me on my new project. I'm starting this newsletter to replace our Facebook site, which has been deleted. Although, due to Facebook's lack of respect for personal freedom, that content is still out there. Hopefully not for much longer.
-<(#] Website [#)>-
I've also put up a website which will have a bit more content than this newsletter and it will be more up to date. Add a bookmark and check it compulsively for our latest shows and stuff.

link: http://thefacctones.com

-<(#] The New Guy [#)>-
The Facc-Tones has had a solid line up with Me, Johnny and Rams for at least a year now, but the low end has been a friggin' revolving door. We imported Niklas, our new bass player, all the way from Germany, where they still build things with care and precision. He's our fifth bassist and since he's kicked ass so far, hopefully our last.
-<(#] Upcoming Shows [#)>-

On May 13th we'll be playing Somerville Porchfest. We played last year at a different house and it was one of the funnest gigs of the year. It's so nice to play outside in a relaxed environment (yeah, Johnny will be smoking the whole set). Plus the festival attracts a lot of people who've never heard of us. We'll be playing around 4pm at 21 Chandler ST, but I recommend starting early in East Somerville to see as many acts as possible. We're being hosted by Rams' band Big Jon & The Mattress Factory who will go on right after we finish.

Next we'll be playing with a college friend of mine and his band Maximum Hackman (what a name!). That will be June 8th at Club Bohemia which is the basement of the Can-Tab Lounge in Central SQ. That's one of our favorite places to play. Mostly because the host Mickey Bliss is a killer dude.

-<(#] Shout Outs / Other Projects [#)>-

These past few months I've been playing with MOONMUSICA a free improv group led by Michael Redmond. There will be a performance May 6th at Outpost 186 Gallery. Unfortunately I won't be able to join this time around, but I recommend you go and experience this unique music!

I will however be joining The Freedom Brothers: A WEEN Tribute this Friday, April 21st at The Lilypad in Inman SQ. I absolutely love playing this music with these amazing musicians. It's a "pay what you want" kind of situation. The show starts at 10:30pm and I believe we're going on last.