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-<(#] Spring is Here [#)>-
We played Porchfest as foretold. And it was a great time. The weather wasn't ideal, but it didn't rain, so a lot of people were out and about and we got to play to them. That's one small step on the road to world domination. There's something special about playing outside and we're looking forward to doing it again later in the summer at JP Porchfest. In the meantime we'll be playing in the wonderfully dank basement of the Can-Tab next on June 8th. (More on that later).
-<(#] EMFest [#)>-
I decided to put on a music festival this summer. The name is "EMFest" and it will feature only bands and artists associated with the EMF Building in Cambridgeport. The Facc-Tones have been practicing there since we got started. It's an insane place. Insane in the best ways. Of course The Facc-Tones will be playing along with many other great local bands. Make sure to save the date 9/16.

link: http://emfest.zackfacco.net

-<(#] Upcoming Shows [#)>-

On Jun 8th we'll be playing with a college friend of mine and his band Maximum Hackman (what a name!). That will be June 8th at Club Bohemia which is the basement of the Can-Tab Lounge in Central SQ. That's one of our favorite places to play. Mostly because the host Mickey Bliss is a killer dude.

At the moment we don't have anything else coming up until August 5th, when we'll be playing The Midway Cafe with our space neighbors Instant Shawarma. However, I'll be playing a few shows with other projects, the details on those are below.

-<(#] Shout Outs / Other Projects [#)>-

These past few months I've been playing with MOONMUSICA a free improv group led by Michael Redmond. There will be a performance June 3rd at Blue Bag Records. There will also be performances by amazing local artists JOSS and Cha Feliz.

Facebook Event: Click for more details

On May 25th I'll be back on stage with Sound Down Cellar. Noplay Glancy leads a collective of musicians in that project playing his original music. While different performances may have similar sets lists, the sound can be very different depending on who is in the ensemble. This performance will be outside at Assembly Row in Somerville at 6:00pm

Facebook Event: Click for more details