Facc-Tones Issue 003, please turn on images to see this
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-<(#] The Strange Fuzz-Tones? [#)>-
Johnny Odd and I sat in with maniac punks Strange Fuzz on Heavy Leather Topless Dance Party, a show on SCATV hosted by local rock writer Sleazegrinder. It was a weird and wild time, but don't take my word for it check out the video.
-<(#] JP Porchfest [#)>-
JP Porchfest is coming up in just over a week! We'll be playing at 87 Atherton Street around 2pm. Our friends The Sound Down Cellar, Big Jon & the Mattress Factory and Mug will all be playing right down the street so make sure to check them out, too. This is bound to be a real swingin' time, so do yourself a favor and head over to JP on Saturday July 8th
-<(#] Upcoming Shows [#)>-

On August 5th we'll be playing The Midway Cafe with our space neighbors Instant Shawarma, The Sound Down Cellar and The Silver Mirrors. This will be a seriously rockin' show, so mark your calendar.

-<(#] Other Projects [#)>-

On July 1st I'll be sitting in again with the muso-magical alchemist collective MOONMUSICA. This time we're going to set up right in the middle of Davis SQ near the train station starting around 8pm.

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