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-<(#] EMFest 2017 [#)>-
The Majestic EMF Building I'm putting on a music festival celebrating the EMF Building and all its madness. The building is located in Cambridgeport a few blocks south of the Middle East and it's where we Facc-Tones practice. I hand picked all the musical acts and artists so I can guarantee high quality entertainment. Plus, this festival will act as a fundraiser for the Out of the Blue Gallery where the insanity will play out. Please save the date September 16th and plan to drop in for a good time! Of course, we'll be playing as well.

Website: http://emfest.zackfacco.net

-<(#] New Stuff at the Midway Saturday [#)>-
This Saturday, i.e. August 5th, we're playing at the Midway Cafe with an excellent line-up including our friends and spacemates, The Sound Down Cellar. What's more, we'll be playing quite a bit of new material, including a cover of a Sound Down Cellar song! Oh, and two songs about pinball. You're not gonna wanna miss that. Did I mention I'll be sitting in with The Sound Down Cellar playing bass?

FB Event: The Facc-Tones, The Sound Down Cellar, The Godfreys at Midway Cafe 8/5

-<(#] Upcoming Shows [#)>-
October 3rd: Our new friends The Deep State invited us to join them at the Midway (again!). The line-up is still being selected so stay tuned for more info.
-<(#] Other Projects [#)>-
Audicray Bullions When I was in high school one of my best friends joined a band called Audible Crayons. They were the first local band I ever heard of (other than butt rockers like, Aerosmith and, uh, Boston). I immediately became their biggest fan. Fast forward over two decades and I'm now in the band playing guitar. What a crazy world. We'll be playing the ultra cool Boston Arts Festival on September 9th! It's totally free and takes place in Christopher Columbus park right on the Harbor waterfront featuring a wonderful view of East Boston, where it all began.
Thanks for reading our newsletter! We love playing music and having your support makes it all the more rewarding. For more information and the latest recordings check out Our Website.