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-<(#] Halloween at The Mattress Factory [#)>-
Mattress Factory Flyer

The Facc-Tones are feeling quite Lucky and Grateful to be playing the works of Rock n' Roll legends, Creedence Clearwater Revival tomorrow night, Friday, October 27th in Rams' basement (aka The Mattress Factory). This Mattress Factory Session is loaded! The bands are all awesome and the artists they're covering are some of my absolute favorites (Jimi, Velvet Underground, The Doors, come on!) Plus, I received a Prince Valiant wig in the post early this week, so this will be a rare chance to see Zack Facco with hair! Check out the flyer for the list and contact me directly for an address!

-<(#] Sunday Breakfast Recommendation [#)>-

I don't normally use this mailing list as an advertising platform, but there's a very special guest chef working in the Petsi Pie kitchen on Sundays and he's whipping up what some are calling: "The Best Breakfast Sandwich in Cambridge". I'm not one to argue with heresay. Being intolerant of all things gluten (I know, intolerance in These Enlightened Times... sheesh), I opt for the omelette version and I'll be damned if it doesn't impress me every time (and it's easy on the wallet, too!). Drop in Sunday to find out who the Mystery Master Chef is!

-<(#] Upcoming Shows [#)>-

Midway X-Mas Flyer

December 23rd: Mickey PG has invited me to join in an annual tradition at The Midway Cafe in JP. Mickey, Sound Down Cellar and Jonee Earthquake will be making noise on the afternoon before X-Mas Eve. This will be my first ever solo show and rumors of an appearance by the Baby Jesus himself are abundant, so get your tickets in advance.

Check out the Facebook Event for more details

February 17th: It's a long ways out, but Wet Pizza invited us to join in a small festival they're putting on in a church basement in Davis SQ. I met these guys at a show at the Lilypad. They're killer, make sure to check them out.

-<(#] Other Projects [#)>-

The MOONMUSICA collective led by drummer Michael Redmond is performing at the Outpost Gallery in Inman SQ on Saturday, November 11th for our second of three monthly performances. Our last performance featured some amazing guest performers and we expect more this time around. We'll be exploring uncharted musical landscapes, will you be along for the journey?

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