Facc-Tones Issue 008
-<(#] New Configurations [#)>-
Ole St. Nik

With the Holidays coming up it ain't so easy to get all of the Facc'ers in one place. But we're using this as an opportunity to try some different line ups. Next month I'll be playing a solo show at the Midway possibly with some help from Johnny Odd and then we'll be doing one without our Old Pal Nik, who says he's going to be in Germany, but I gotta wonder if he's headed a bit further North... Then again, he's kinda svelt to pull off the red suit.

-<(#] Sacred Cowards [#)>-

I occasionally participate in a weeklyish competition called Songfight. They post a title and then folks write songs with that title. The song that gets the most votes wins. A few Facc-Tone tunes were written this way including "The Dancer" and "Leave My Brother Alone".

Here's my entry:

-<(#] Upcoming Shows [#)>-

Midway X-Mas Flyer

December 23rd: Mickey PG has invited me to join in an annual tradition at The Midway Cafe in JP. Mickey, Sound Down Cellar and Jonee Earthquake will be making noise on the afternoon before X-Mas Eve. This will be my first ever solo show and rumors of an appearance by the Baby Jesus himself are abundant, so get your tickets in advance.

Check out the Facebook Event for more details

December 29th: DAve Crespo added us onto a bill at the aptly named Tavern at the End of the World. It's a cool bar and we'll be doing some rearrangements to suit the lineup for the night which will be Me, Rams and Johnny. I might even pick up a bass myself. Mario Passi, a fellow greaseball I assume, will be playing with us plus another act to be named later.

February 17th: It's a long ways out, but Wet Pizza invited us to join in a small festival they're putting on in a church basement in Davis SQ. I met these guys at a show at the Lilypad. They're killer, make sure to check them out.

-<(#] Other Projects [#)>-

The MOONMUSICA collective led by drummer Michael Redmond is appearing again at the Outpost Gallery in Inman SQ on Saturday, December 16th for the last in this series of performances. There will be a donation bucket at the door so you can pay whatever you can afford or just come on in and hang out. We make all the music up on the spot and the lineup and instrumentation varies so there's no telling what you will hear.

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