Facc-Tones Issue 009
-<(#] X-Mas Shows [#)>-
Ole St. Nik

Our new and beloved bassist Nik is off in the North Pole. Um, Germany is in the North Pole, right? I don't know much about geography. Anyway he's too far away to join us on our upcoming shows, so we'll be testing out a whacky line up. Me and Rams will be trading off on bass, I'll do a few tunes alone and Johnny Odd will glue it all together as usual. This lineup will be in effect for the next two shows on 12/23 and 12/29, see the show schedule below for more details.

-<(#] Happy Birthday Mr. Odd [#)>-
Mr. Odd

Local Rock Hero and Personal Savior Johnny Odd is celebrating another strange trip around the sun next week on the 28th. That'll finally get him to magic number 21 just in time for our PA's gig on the 29th. Come buy him a round! (but no Jager Bombs before the set, please!!!)

-<(#] Upcoming Shows [#)>-

Midway X-Mas Flyer

December 23rd:

All Proceeds will benefit Bethel AME Church in Jamaica Plain in their efforts to provide sanctuary to an immigrant who is very much welcome by the community despite the proclaimations of a certain psychotic despot who needs not be honored by a mention here

Mickey PG has invited me to join in an annual tradition at The Midway Cafe in JP. Mickey, Sound Down Cellar and Jonee Earthquake will be making noise on the afternoon before X-Mas Eve. Rumors of an appearance by the Baby Jesus himself cannot be confirmed, but are too credible too ignore, so get your tickets in advance.

Check out the Facebook Event for more details

December 29th: Midway X-Mas Flyer DAve Crespo added us onto a bill at Good Ole PA's Lounge. None of us are Portuguese and I'm only American by birth, but we're excited none the less to appear at our old haunt, the Portuguese American Lounge... (didya know that's what it stands for?)

January 11th: We're still working out the details, but we'll be playing a full band show again at Club Bohemia, brain-child of the immortal Mickey Bliss. It's no secret that this is our favorite place to play. This will be a good one! We're still figuring out the rest of the bill, but Wet Pizza will be with us.

February 17th: It's a long ways out, but Wet Pizza invited us to join HELL YES FEST at First Church in Davis SQ. I met these guys at a show at the Lilypad. They're killer, make sure to check them out.

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