Facc-Tones Issue 010
-<(#] Hell Yes Fest [#)>-
Hell Yes Fest

We have an exciting gig coming up this weekend. On Saturday Feb. 17th.. Our new friends, Wet Pizza, a killer local act, are putting on a blowout finale to their concert series at First Church Somerville. There are too many great acts to type out here, so look at the flyer for more details. We're scheduled to go on around 7:30pm, but come early to maximize your musical pleasure. All proceeds will support The Art of Survival a group that supports artists who have survived abuse.

-<(#] Rare Video [#)>-

Until now the existence of The Facc-Tones has been hotly debated as no video evidence had made it's way into the public record. We'd like to Thank Mickey PG for producing this video, which will surely shook the world like no other since the famous Patterson tape.

-<(#] New Worlds Discovered [#)>-

Speaking of video... here is a fly-through of the MandelBulb Fractal, the first three-dimensional fractal to be discovered. Those of you familiar with my 2012 release Fractals will find no surprise in my fascination with fractals. While I'm generally not enthusiastic about the progress of technology, I have to admit that the visual exploration of these mathematical structures is exhilarating, not unlike visiting a new planet, and I want to share them with you, the Initiated of The Facc-Tones Mailing List. The technology is still somewhat new so there is limitless potential.

-<(#] Upcoming Shows [#)>-

February 17th:

Read all about Hell Yes Fest above!

March 22nd:

Hell Yes Fest We're headed back to Club Bohemia to pay court to the great Mickey Bliss in the Can-Tab Basement. Rams' other band, the modern rock gods Big Jon & the Mattress Factory will be there with us along with punk rock satirist, Mickey PG and the explosively psychedelic sonic explores Miele.

Check out the Facebook Event for more details

May 12th:

Is it to early to start thinking about Spring? I don't think so! Somerville Porchfest marks the beginning of our outdoor music making season when our sounds are let loose into the receptive atmosphere fertilizing the Sacred Garden of Rock n' Roll that will sustain us for another trip around the Sun. We'll be participating for the third time in a row, this time on Summer St. in Somerville. Stay tuned for more details.

-<(#] Other Projects [#)>-

Kingdom of Love (February 14th):

Hell Yes Fest If love and sexiness are even passing interests for you, then you've surely already clicked the adjacent image to more closely peruse the details of Kingdom of Love's Valentine's Day appearance on Heavy Leather Topless Dance Party on SCATV.

MOONMUSICA (March 1st):

Under the guidance of our inspired leader Mike Redmond, the MOONMUSICA collective imbues life-giving air with strange and fantastic energies, transporting listeners to the unexplored regions of their consciousness. This time we'll be performing in the hottest little music club in town, The Lilypad, Inman SQ, Cambridge, MA. Doors open at 10pm.

Thanks for reading our newsletter! We love playing music and having your support makes it all the more rewarding. For more information and the latest recordings check out Our Website.